Richest Noob in Free Fire in India: Full Details Here

The richest noob in Free Fire – Gerna Free Fire is a free-to-play multiplayer battle royale game. The game was released on 3rd November 2017. It was developed by 111dots Studio and can be played on iOS and Android devices. The game has over 150 million daily active users. It is updated regularly with new exciting features and perks.

The Indian gaming community mostly plays Free Fire in their YouTube live streams. People from all over the globe watch these gamers play. PUBG was considered a very popular game in India until it was banned. Due to its ban, players all over India were awaiting a new game that would be similar. Free Fire proved to be the best alternative to PUBG and thus its popularity grew drastically.

Many people from all around the globe shifted to playing Free Fire. Also, many players in India wonder who is the richest noob in Free Fire? In this article, we will reveal the player who is considered the richest noob in Free Fire. Read till the end to find every detail.


Before we talk about the Free Fire richest noob, let us delve a bit more into what Free Fire brings to the plate. New features are continuously added to the game which makes the game exciting and evergreen. Players stay hyped up to know about the new updates which are going to make the game more fun to play. 

The new updates include the New Spawn Island, upgraded training island, and much more. Weapons have been balanced, along with the rebalancing of 9 weapons. A Revival system has also been added to the game. Quick commands added in the game, allow easy communication with teammates. A new advanced gun called the UAV-Lite has been launched. Now let’s talk about the Free Fire richest noob.


free fire richest noob


Lokesh Raj is considered the richest noob in Free Fire. Calling him a noob is surely an insult to the person who calls it because he has proved its worth to the whole world. He is on top of the gaming community concerning Free Fire gaming. Lokesh Raj is referred to as Lokesh Gamer quite often. His YouTube channel name is also Lokesh Gamer.

Lokesh has a win rate of 21% which is considered very good in a competitive battle royale game. His YouTube channel has over 14.9 million subscribers. He has gained popularity in a very short period. His surgeon subscribers are proof of his increasing popularity. Lokesh Gamer has uploaded 1130 total videos on his channel. Most of these videos are live streams and gaming videos. He has also started making lifestyle vlogs now where he brags over his extra costly car collection.

Lokesh Gamer joined YouTube on 16th November 2017 from where his journey toward fame started. He used to play a lot of Free Fire and this was the game that he played the most on his channel. It is quite true that when you commit to a single goal and are dedicated to it, you achieve it with ease. That is what Lokesh Gamer did. Despite other gamers playing trendy games, he stick to Free Fire and became the King of Free Fire in India.

He is called the King of Free fire for various obvious reasons which we will discuss below. For now, let’s talk about the statistics of his YouTube channel that we took from Social Blade. Lokesh Gamer has a social blade rank of 8580. His YouTube subscriber rank is 230th which is a very good rank. He is ranked in the 76th position across India as a YouTuber. Lokesh Gamer the richest noob in Free Fire has gained over 200,000 subscribers over the last 30 days.

Lokesh’s estimated YouTube earnings are 100,000 to 1.5 million US dollars annually. He also earns a lot through other mediums such as money super chats and brand promotions carried out on YouTube and Instagram. His Instagram account has over 3.5 million followers. 


Lokesh is the leader of “Team Hind”. Team Hind is the squad in which Lokesh plays Free Fire. The team has excellent players close to Lokesh’s caliber who play and win against their enemies. Lokesh has played over 1400 solo matches to date. He has earned 2833 squad points in total.


Lokesh has proved everyone wrong who thinks that gaming is a waste of time. He earns quite a lot as compared to most salaried professionals. We hope you got inspired by the richest noob in Free Fire and will rethink your life, aligning it towards your optimum goals.

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