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Robotic Process Automation In Finance

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is all the rage in Singapore – and for good reason! This technology allows finance professionals to leverage their existing systems to speed up daily processes. Free them up to spend time on high-value tasks that add more value to the business. If you’re not sure what RPA looks like in practice, read on to learn about three real-world use cases that have helped. Finance teams save time and money by automating mundane tasks.

What is Robotic Process Automation In Finance?

Robotic process automation is basically an application that allows an automated workflow through coding. This can improve cost efficiency, and reduce turnaround time. Improve accuracy in completing repetitive tasks that humans would normally need to do. RPA’s applicability in financial services has been largely dependent on how they work with legacy systems and making sure they are able to handle integration easily.

The good news is that software providers are now coming up with RPA-integrated platforms enabling firms to reap most of its benefits without much hassle. RPA helps mitigate risk, eliminate inefficiencies, and boost productivity. Improve customer service among others, providing financial institutions with a big opportunity for growth.

Wealth-Management Firm

Wealthy investors may require services from more than one financial institution. For example, they may have a brokerage account with investment services. A checking account with basic banking and wire transfer services. Each institution has its own proprietary system that manages customer accounts. Different kinds of accounts are merged into one large system.

Furthermore, investment services (like stock trading) are offered by multiple brokers in a single firm—and each broker uses their own system to manage their clients’ portfolios. This increases operational costs for the firm because each service has to maintain its own systems and can’t easily share software components across divisions. Thank you for investing your time with us.

Stock Brokerage

Believe it or not, but finance is one of those industries that have been slow to adopt technology. But things are changing quickly and now is a great time to be a fintech entrepreneur! Nowadays, you can use Robotic Process Automation Singapore in finance for everything from trading equities and mutual funds to making everyday payments.

Trading stocks usually involves interacting with a broker through an online platform. Brokers perform trades on behalf of their clients—that means they purchase securities for investors based on an algorithm that calculates buy and sell orders based on current market prices. Stockbrokers also provide access to credit lines so investors can purchase large quantities of shares at once.


With so many firms racing to innovate and streamline, robotic process automation (RPA) has become a major trend in finance. It’s designed to change tedious, low-value processes into highly efficient ones. Which helps companies be more efficient and effective at every stage of their business.

For example, investing Mobile Application Development applications like Betterment now offer financial planning tools using Robo advisors as well as stock options trading bots. To learn more about how Robo advisor software can help your business grow. Check out how RPA can work for stock brokerage businesses in today’s market!

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RPA also offers tremendous benefits for your employees; not only does it increase productivity by taking tasks away from employees that could be handled much more efficiently by machines, but it can help them develop new skills—and higher paychecks—over time. And even if robots do steal your job eventually, RPA will keep you employed well into retirement; there are more than 400 billion hours of employee time spent doing clerical work each year, according to PwC research cited by Gartner.

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