Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon: A Boon or a Bane?

In common usage, “cancer” refers to a condition in which the number of cells in any one bodily component increases abnormally. Any body part’s cells have the potential to transform into cancer cells, and if this happens, the disease can spread to other body parts as well. Prostate cancer arises when cells in the prostate gland start to grow innumerably without any control.

Earlier, it used to be manual, but now modern technology allows for the use of minimally invasive procedures like laparoscopy and robotic prostate surgery to perform radical prostatectomy.

How Is Surgery Performed By A Using A Robotic Plastic Surgeon?

  1. The surgeon makes one or more minor incisions at first.
  2. The surgeon will place thin tubes like ports in these incisions. Instruments are placed through these ports after the robot is connected to them.
  3. One of the ports is used to insert a thin, long camera called an endoscope. During the surgery, the camera produces high-resolution 3D images.
  4. The surgeon can do the operation by inserting surgical instruments through the other ports.
  5. While sitting at a console a few feet away, your surgeon directs the robotic arm.
  6. When the surgeon needs to change instruments, an assistant stays by the side to assist him.

Advantage Of Using A Robotic Plastic Surgeon

Robotic plastic surgeon has the power of precision. It has a lot of advantages for its amazing accuracy, with which it can accomplish jobs. Plastic surgeons, who must execute a treatment with precise precision, are studying methods to incorporate the technology into practice due to its accuracy.

An advanced camera delivers magnified, high-definition views of the surgery area, allowing for better visualization. It also provides greater imaging capabilities to the naked eye in 3D.

Why Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery is a Boon?

In many ways, robotic prostate cancer surgery is preferable to traditional open prostate cancer surgery. The following are a few of the procedure’s technical benefits:

  • Laparoscopic and robotic surgery only need four to five tiny, button-hole incisions. Through these incisions, a El cirujano extirpa la próstata using a strong, high-precision endoscope, or tiny camera.
  • While preserving continence to maintain urine control and nerves to sustain sexual potency, the method offers the benefits of minimally invasive surgery.
  • The mobile camera system, which offers a magnified, three-dimensional vision and improves operative site visibility, enables precise prostate removal.
  • robot-assisted surgeryprovides the patient with quicker recovery, less blood loss, and less post-operative pain earlier catheter removal (1 week is typical), quicker recovery, shorter hospital stays, quicker (one to two weeks) return to normal exercise and work (two to three weeks)

Why Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery is a Bane?

  • Based on the patient’s age, the level of preoperative sexual function, and if the nerves were left during surgery, the recovery of erectile function after prostatectomy is determined. To reduce the surgical impact on the sexual function after robotic prostatectomy, surgeons will adopt nerve-sparing procedures unless malignancy in the nerve tissue is suspected. 
  • Urinary incontinence can develop after robotic prostatectomy, just like after open surgery. However, this adverse effect frequently gets better with time.
  • The risks of infection, reactions to anesthesia and related products, blood clots in the legs or lungs, and other consequences are small but do exist with robot-assisted prostatectomy surgery.

The surgery is not carried out by the robot on its own, it takes the help of an experienced prostate cancer surgeon near me also. The surgeon may conduct even the most complex treatments with increased precision, dexterity, and control thanks to robot-aided surgeries, which provide exact action free of hand tremors.

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