wooden temple
wooden temple

Significance of a wooden temple- A ritual for good fortune

The Pooja is an ancient practice that is passed down from generation to generation. In the Hindu religion, this practice is daily done by people from all walks of life. For offering prayers to god, people need a temple in their homes. This temple is considered important for good fortune and prosperity. Some people feel that a wooden temple is the best for a home setup because it is easy to maintain and is cheaper also.

The design of a temple for home

The worship place is an essential element of Hindu culture. A prayer room allows you to express your spiritual side. This is that place in your home that offers tranquility and a quiet atmosphere. You can either set up a separate room as a personal temple or you could use part of the living room like the space between bedrooms or living rooms.

In case you live in a small apartment, you can use such spaces to create your home temple. A wooden temple is a great pick for small houses because they are lightweight and can also be hung up on the wall.

Contemporary design for the temple

A contemporary temple has a charm on its own because it is elegant and simple. This design draws attention to itself because of the bold color tone and textures. This temple has a blend of traditional and modern elements which makes it unique and one-of-a-kind. This type of temple can be customized according to your needs and budget.

Wall hanging design

The verandah is one of the favorite places to keep your home temple. Since the living room is done with wall hangings, wallpapers, and wall art, you cannot overdo the design of the wall-hanging temple. The wall temple can be decorated using lights so that it looks attractive.

Traditional temple design

These temples are designed using intricate patterns and traditional styles. These temples are breathtakingly attractive and the interior of the temple is decorated in copper, gold, and brass material. You can even go for colorful paint on the exterior walls of the temple to add a modern touch to this traditional temple design.

What all should you consider while creating your home temple?

Here are a few factors that you should consider while creating your home temple-

  • Space- The first thing that you should consider is the space when designing a home temple. If you have a small house, you can go for wall temples, if you have a bigger house, you should go for a floor wooden temple.
  • Praying habits- if you pray to god with the entire family sitting in one space, you need a separate room for prayer, but in case you offer a quick prayer to god before leaving your house, you can go to a small temple.
  • Lighting- The lighting of the prayer space adds to the wow factor and creates a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to focus your energies while communicating with god. The best one is to go for used warm and layered lighting.
  • Storage- In the Hindu religion, you cannot pray to go without a few must-have things like candles, diyas, incense sticks, etc. For keeping the Pooja materials and other utensils, you need adequate space. You also need some space to keep prayer books. So, it is better to go for the temple design that comes with a few drawers to keep these belongings.

To Sum It Up

Pick up a peaceful spot where you won’t be disturbed by external or internal noises. Your choice of the wooden temple also depends upon how much space is available in your home. The design of the temple should reflect its purpose because it is a sacred room for meditation and worship.

You can hang light candles, incense, religious themes, or display statues of Hindu deities in your home temple. Doing your home temple is not just about decorating your temple with religious symbols.

It is more about creating an environment that helps you to escape daily stresses and express yourself using your prayer and meditation. You can pick up the best wooden temple from the best Jodhpur furniture store in case you live in Jodhpur.

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