Steal The Vampire Look: Ideas To Dress Like A Vampire

Vampire! The word itself sends a chill down your spine. Right? Well, the sharp fangs, a pale face in dark gothic clothes with a gothic cape give us a sense of eeriness. This imaginative character from folklore has scared us and entertained us in a lot of TV shows and movies. Even today, the character is so famous that people come with the idea of conducting a Vampire themed party for their near and dear ones. So what does a Vampire wear? Or, how to dress like a Vampire? These are a few questions that must be coming to your mind, if you are attending an event having such themes.

Whether you dress like a ghost or a Vampire, you will need gothic dresses, gothic makeup and some gothic accessories. Then only you will get the vibe of a Vampire or an unearthly being from the underworld. Jordash Clothing is an online store that comes with women’s gothic clothing like gothic blouse, gothic skirt, gothic jacket (Gothic Jacket Women’s), gothic accessories like occult jewelleries and so on.

In general to get a gothic look you need to have gothic dresses in dark colours, mostly in black. Apart from that your makeup should include pale skin, dark lips and smokey dark eyes. Hairstyle is either messy or clean and sometimes coloured. Body piercing and tattoos are a must in the contemporary era. Apart from that occult pieces of jewelleries and other gothic accessories are added. In short, your look should be bold, dramatic and expressive. You should be able to look spooky and ghastly.

These are the basic requirements to get the look of a Vampire. But a few more things are added and taken care of. Let us now look at how to dress like a Vampire.

Gothic Dresses And Makeup For Everyday Vampire Look

For an everyday Vampire look you do not have to go on a proper Vampire costume. It includes minimal clothes and makeup. But it includes an essence of spookiness. Therefore it is an everyday Vampire look.

To get an everyday Vampire look, choose clothes from your closet that are dark, bold and black. Avoid wearing bright colours and pastel colours. Only dark and black are the taste of gothic characters. Moreover, Vampires are creatures of the night. So these characters like everything in black, dark and bold colours. If you are wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, you can choose colours like black, blood red, maroon, burgundy, purple, dark blue and so on.

This is the contemporary gothic style that you can opt for. But to get a Victorian style, you can choose different gothic dresses. You can choose a black or a dark colour gothic dress, gothic blouse, fancy gothic skirt, corset top and so on.

gothic blouse

The makeup for an everyday Vampire look is minimal with bold lips and bold eyes. When it comes to shoes, you can prefer to wear formal shoes either in flats or with small heels. When it is winter, you can also try a black leather jacket (Gothic Jacket Women’s) to get that eerie vibe. Pair these with some occult pieces of ornaments and you are all set with your everyday Vampire look!


Gothic Jacket Women’s

Gothic Costume For A Vampire Themed Event

For a Vampire themed event, the getup is little different. It is not like your everyday look. It is something more than that. The look is expressive, dramatic and elegant. It gives you the real Vampire style look. Let us now look at the dresses and accessories that you should consider to wear to get a Vampire look for certain events.

To get a proper Vampire look, opt for dresses that are elegant. An elegant gothic dress, gothic blouse, flowy gown, flowy skirt etc will go well for a proper Vampire look. You can opt for dark colours like black,red, purple, burgundy, etc. Compliment your look with a dark colour gothic cape. As you know the Vampire look is incomplete without sharp fangs, so do not forget to wear fangs. It will completely justify your look. Also compliment your look with proper gothic makeup.

gothic cape

Makeup And Hairstyle For A Vampire Look

When it comes to getting a Vampire look, after dresses, makeup and hairstyle play a major role. To get a perfect Vampire look, it is necessary to have perfect gothic makeup and hairstyle. Vampires are considered to be undead. They are the creatures of night. So it’s better to have a pale skin for your Vampire look. For this look, foundation plays a major role. So apply a foundation that makes your face look pale and grey. Also dark, smokey and kohled eyes will give you a more dramatic look. Apply bold colours lipstick to get an expressive look. Colours like black, blood red, maroon, purple, burgundy will best suit this look.

When it comes to hair colour, dark black hair gives you an authentic Vampire look. Apart from that other colours like red and blonde can also be preferred for this look. You can also highlight a few streaks of your black hair with red, purple or white. For a vampire look, straight hair is suitable.

Summing Up

Gothic look should always be bold. It should make you look spooky and ghastly. Therefore everything dark and bold is preferred. Therefore for a Vampire look dark coloured gothic cape, gothic blouse and other gothic dresses are preferred. According to the colour and design of the women’s gothic clothing the makeup and hairstyle are done.

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