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The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai 2022

There are a number of excellent fine dining restaurants in Dubai, but what are the best? This article explores some of the finest. From JB’s Gastropub to LPM Restaurant & Bar, we’ve covered all the essentials. But, if you’re looking for a new fine dining experience, we’ve included the top options below! Read on to learn more about these Best Dining restaurants and how you can make your dining experience even better!

Bistro des Arts

The quintessential 1970s French bistro is now a part of the new Dubai Marina district, bringing a little bit of Paris to the city. Bistro Des Arts has a cosy, rustic decor and a patio with a garden vibe. If you’ve never been to Paris, you will be in for a treat at this Dubai restaurant.

JB’s Gastropub

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy British cuisine in Dubai, look no further than JB’s Gastropub. Located on the JBR strip, this pub-style restaurant combines the luxuries of Dubai with the warmth of a neighborhood pub. Its industrial-style interior features vintage luggage and clocks, plus a bike sign made of leather.

Zheng He’s

When planning your trip to the upcoming emirate, don’t miss the opportunity to dine at Zheng He’s Fine Dining Restaurant. This Chinese restaurant is located next to the famous waterways of Mina A’Salam. The interior features polished wood flooring, red hanging lanterns, and a fine collection of china. The menu is a delightful mix of Chinese and Western tastes, combining traditional cooking techniques with modern presentations. The menu features Dim Sum, mini starters, fresh seafood, noodle dishes, and even Australian beef.

LPM Restaurant & Bar

LPM Restaurant & Bar is a fine dining establishment that opened in Dubai more than a decade ago. It has become one of the most popular restaurants in the city, with reservations being very difficult. The restaurant has a French riviera-themed terrace, which serves classic French fare such as grilled Maine lobster with rouille. Guests can enjoy people-watching while enjoying their meal.

Chic Nonna by Vito Mollica

A fine dining restaurant will be able to draw a crowd of international visitors, and one that is as close to home as possible is the new concept at Chic Nonna. Taking inspiration from the Italian region, the restaurant will serve regional Italian cuisine and a variety of international wines. A wine list of more than 3,000 bottles is expected, which is huge for a restaurant of this caliber.

Eva Beach House

The opening of the fine dining restaurant Eva Beach House is just a few years away, and this is the perfect time to book your reservation. With its beachfront location on Palm Jumeirah, the restaurant will offer a unique blend of Talum-style seaside with contemporary culinary experiences. With quirky interiors and cactus plants, this beachfront venue will offer a unique dining experience. Expect high-energy service and an exquisite menu from Eva Beach House.

Doors Freestyle Grill

The contemporary Dubai Creek Grill is one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city. The doors open into a modern, chic space. Dubai Creek Grill serves contemporary French and Italian cuisine in an intimate setting. Its ambiance is modern and stylish, reminiscent of fine dining establishments in the United States and France. Doors Freestyle Grill is a new addition to the Dubai dining scene, and it has already gained the trust of the local community.


The Michelin Guide is set to enter the Middle East with its first selection of fine dining restaurants in Dubai. This multicultural city is home to hundreds of nationalities, and the city has adapted its dining culture to reflect that diversity, taking its influence from cuisines around the world, while adding Arabic specialties as well. The city also combines old and new, offering a wide variety of dining experiences, from traditional souks to world-class dining in luxury hotels.

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