Things To keep In Mind While Preparing For The IELTS Exam

Several thousand students apply to colleges abroad every year with the dream of studying in a great school. A part of this application process is to prove that you have proficiency in the English language. Hence, pretty much all international schools ask you to submit certain scores on the IELTS exam. Usually, this score ranges from 6.5 to 7.5 or 8 bands out of a total of 9 bands. However, appearing for the IELTS exam can be expensive and hence you’ll need to prepare well.

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Become Aware Of The Structure

The first thing you need to know is the structure of this exam because without it, you’ll have no direction. Once you understand the structure and format, you can estimate the difficulty level of the exam according to your strong and weak areas. The IELTS exam is supposed to test 4 of your skills in English; listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Hence, you are going to have 4 sections with multiple subsections and different levels of difficulty. So search online and get familiar with the structure first before you start preparing.

Notice The Score Scheme

Understanding how all the sections in IELTS exams are scored will help you set a target in mind. While the reading and listening sections have a maximum 40 score based on 40 questions with 1 point each, the other sections are different. The writing and speaking sections are a bit more subjective and have different criteria for marking. Regardless, the great news is that there is no negative marking in case you answer the questions wrong. The raw score of these 4 sections is then converted into a band score start ranging from 0 to 9.

Plan Accordingly

Now that you know what your IELTS exam is going to look like, it’s about time you start planning your preparation. The above 2 steps were important to help you evaluate how much practice you need for each section. If you haven’t booked your exam already, we suggest giving yourself around 3 weeks at least or more. However, you need to choose your exam date after attempting every section to give yourself enough time to study. If you have already booked your exam, you will need to maintain your preparation speed and time accordingly.

Take a Preparatory Course

Although most students feel they have to study independently, taking an IELTS exam is easier when you take a course. When it comes to courses for IELTS exams you will find tons of different options. If you want to study in flexible settings and timings, you can choose an online IELTS preparation course. Otherwise, if you feel you’d study better in physical settings, there are preparation institutes in pretty much every city in the world. However, the good part about online preparation courses is that you get free options. So choose one that matches your timetable and start the course.

Practice Tests

When it comes to IELTS, practice is the key that can change your 6 bands to 8 or 9. A huge part of preparing for IELTS is taking practice tests for each section. If you have joined an institute for preparation, they will give you practice tests every now and then. If not, request them because practice tests are crucial. Otherwise, the internet is full of websites that offer you tons of practice tests with band evaluations and tips. So search up ‘IELTS practice test’ and attempt them every other day to improve your score.

Use Feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools in assessing your English language skills and improving them. The best people to ask for feedback are preparation experts because they can offer you valuable insights. In case you are not a part of a preparation institute, you can look for online experts as well. Pro tip: get in touch with your high school English teacher for feedback and advice. Finally, record your own performance on the preparation tests honestly and give yourself feedback. This will help you spot your weak areas, improve them and get a satisfactory band on the exam!

Wrapping Up

Studying abroad is a goal for the majority of international students who wish to study in renowned schools. However, reaching this dream isn’t so simple, you have to submit your IELTS score along with your academic records. Well, let us tell you that the IELTS exam that’s haunting you will begin to feel easy once you follow the 6 tips above. If all the other international students can nail this test, so can you. If you nail this exam as a research student, you won’t need to look for the Dissertation Writing Services UK due to any language barriers.

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