Expert Tips for Beginner Writers

If you are new to writing there are a lot of tips expert from Top Essay Writing have for you. However, we don’t recommend trying them all at once. For beginners, we first recommend making a solid base. Understand all the elements that an excellent write-up requires. It is also important to know your niche first because not all tips go for all niches. If you are a blog writer, you will need different tips than the ones that are required for article writers. Therefore, finding your type and niche is important. However, all these come later when you are done with the base.

For a solid base, below are the most suggested ten tips. They can help any novice improve their writing skills. Stick to them for the first few months, and you will definitely see a notable impact.

Read, Read AND Read! 

Begin to improve your writing skill with reading. How will you make your vocabulary bank if you don’t read? Therefore, to write, it is important to read. The more you will read, the better you will know what trends are in demand today. Earlier people used to read long books with a number of editions but now they prefer one edition with all details. Also, only reading can enrich your vocabulary. We know readers who don’t enjoy reading books but are excellent writers. However, they lack in the vocabulary section! So read as many books as you can. You can also try catching the movie subtitles though but they won’t be as helpful as books.

Write A Bit Daily 

We recommend all new writers in the industry to write every day. Now no matter what you write! It can be gratitude journaling, writing a blog, some quotations, poetry, or whatever you like. Writing daily opens up your mind and helps you explore new dimensions. Let me tell you one secret about reading! Every time you will read the same book, it will bring you a new perspective. The same goes for writing. It expands your horizon and helps you find new and creative ways to engage your audience. You can also try free-style writing to DE clutter your mind and free up some space for new ideas.

Use Online Tools 

If you don’t know any proofreader or cannot hire any proofreading service provider, try free online tools to check your writing. Some professional writers also suggest making a one-time investment and buying some premium tools for better checking. However, if you cannot invest at the moment, it is okay to run your content through free tools and correct some mistakes.

My favorite tools for this work are Grammarly and Hemmingway. There was also this other tool called Yoast SEO content analysis tool. It was perfect for newbies, however, recently it was made paid. So whenever you plan to invest in a premium tool, do consider Yoast. You will love it I swear!

Practice Storytelling 

Storytelling is the best way to bring your audience to your write-up. No tricks grab readers’ attention the way storytelling does. It is good to use personal experiences for storytelling. However, if you don’t have any such stories, you can always fabricate one to include in your write-up. Try to bring old tales to the desk because nothing can beat the old classical stories. This is why most of the authors who are great storytellers have written the world’s bestselling books.

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Try To Write Catchy Titles

I bet you nothing intrigues readers as much as good titles do. Back in the years, people used to judge a book by the illustrations and synopsis it had but not anymore. Now a book is judged by the title and subtitles it has. What I teach my students is one of the best tips that I discovered myself. I ask them to write their desired topics and then revise them. Until they come up with the topic that appeals to them, I ask them to keep revising and I swear the results are amazing.

Always Practice Active Voice 

The most beneficial tip any writer can ever tell you to improve your writing skill is to practice active voice. Active voice brings the most straightforward sentences. There are no twists plus the sentences are shorter and easy to read. While on the other side, if you use passive voice, it makes your story exaggerated and is the reason for long and complex sentences.

Prefer Simplicity 

If you think using hard and complicated words will make your story more interesting and fascinating, you are mistaken. Hard and tough words make stories dull and rigid. This is where most of the readers lose track and leave reading the content midway! Therefore, readability is given a lot of importance today! Always prefer using simple, easy, and uncomplicated words. The easier words you will use, the more it will grab your readers’ interest.

Work On Sentence Sequencing 

We know many talented people who are great storytellers but guess where they lack? In making the sequence of their sentences. They mess up the arrangement game and later ruin the structure. For excellent sequencing reading is important. It also helps you with the usage of transition words.

Go For A Certification Course 

If you can go for a certification course in creative content writing, please go for it. Either free or paid, whatever suits you best, both of them can help. You can find such courses in your nearby academies or if you are planning to try online courses, check Udemy or Coursera. They have an excellent range to choose from.

Join Writers’ Groups 

Finally, if you have acquired the skill and want to try your hands on it professionally, join some groups. Set your rates and offer your services. It is also okay to write a few free articles to build your portfolio. This is exactly how I started my content writing journey.


All these tips are not only my suggestion but recommendations from some famous Best Essay Writers UK. It is not necessary that all of them will work for you. However, you must try them all to see which ones are keepers and which ones are futile for you. The productive ones definitely need more of your attention so never turn your back on them. We wish you nothing but the best for your content writing expedition. We would definitely love to hear back from you!


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