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6 Tips Recovering Addicts Wish They Knew Before Entering Alcohol Recovery Programs

If you’re preparing for alcohol recovery, congratulations on taking a positive step forward. The road to recovery is filled with ups and downs. If you can enter treatment expecting the process to ebb and flow, you can mentally prepare yourself for the journey. 

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and many argue that real recovery is addiction management as a lifestyle; you are never done working on yourself. Though your disease may grow quiet, it will not entirely disappear. The solution, then, is to take steps to learn how to cope with the urges of addiction so that you can prevent alcohol addiction from coming back. 

As you learn the coping skills for recovery and utilize the support systems in your circle, managing addiction becomes possible. From there, you grow strength that keeps you on the right path. Beyond these insights, here are six tips that recovering addicts wish they knew before entering alcohol recovery programs

Keep A Journal 

Entering alcohol recovery programs is stressful enough. Abstaining from addiction is even more challenging. When recovering addicts were asked what they wished they knew before going into treatment, many acknowledged the importance of keeping a journal. With alcohol removed, unresolved emotions surface. Having a safe place to process these feelings can help. 

Participate In Groups 

It’s essential to participate in group discussions at alcohol recovery programs. You get more input on any of your questions and get to know the leaders and other patients. You can create support by actively participating. Recovering addicts suggest looking for similarities that you and those working the alcohol recovery programs share. 

Just Get To Your Alcohol Recovery Programs 

For some recovering addicts, the best piece of advice they would offer is to get yourself to rehab and complete your alcohol recovery programs. Work out the details later. Your center can even provide you with extra clothes to wear if needed. If you’re out of control, the best thing to do is just to go

Embrace The Discomfort

Change is inherently uncomfortable. Recovering addicts urge those entering into treatment to expect change to be uncomfortable. They say to stick with it until the discomfort becomes routine, and you can live in sobriety as your new sense of normalcy. 

Trusting The Process

Recovering addicts also acknowledge that there will be days you’ll feel mad, irritated, and like giving up. Trust the process, lean into your higher power if you’re spiritual, or have faith that you can pull through. 

Feelings Don’t Last

Recovering addicts want newcomers to understand that feelings, no matter how awful or intense, don’t last. The ability to move with the discomfort is all you need to get to the next moment. 

Don’t Give Up 

Recovery isn’t easy, and no one claims it to be. It’s a necessary part of a journey with a happier ending if you don’t give up. Breathe, and remember that entering sobriety is temporary; the lifestyle changes you make after that are what keep you sober. 

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