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Tips to Follow for Moving and Packing

Packing and moving to a new place has always been tiring. Moreover, it is one of the toughest jobs in the world. You prepare about this before months, assemble all the items, put them inside suitable boxes for moving house, label them and a lot more, which requires a lot of hard work. Sometimes we also find ourselves in a state of confusion and helplessness. This happens when we do not plan our moving and packing properly.

If you plan this out properly, this unpleasant experience can become a little bit interesting. Arrangement of packing materials like cardboard removal boxes, make the task easier. Packaging Express is an online store that provides you with packaging materials like removal boxes, bubble wraps, wardrobe storage boxes and other moving boxes across the UK (Moving Boxes UK).

Let Us Now Look at Some of The Tips for Moving and Packing.

Tips for Moving

  • Make A List of Everything: First and the foremost thing you need to do is to make a list for moving. Check the timeline and notice period of the houses you have shortlisted for moving. Then decide accordingly. Also make a budget for it. Check the rental papers and the price they are asking. Once you make a checklist and a budget, you can plan the events accordingly. It is better to make a moving folder/binder to make your task easier.
  • Declutter Unnecessary Items: Once the house and the budget is decided, the next thing you need to do is declutter the items that are of no need to you anymore. This will make the process of packing easier for you. Now there is a step-by-step process for decluttering the items. Declutter the items of one room at a time. Assemble all the items of that particular room. Remove the ones that are of no use to you. And then arrange the rest properly. You can donate these items to an NGO or a similar organisation or if it is of no use at all, you can put it in the trash bin.
  • Start Packing Your Items in Advance: Once you decide to shift to a new place, start packing certain items before weeks or months. For example, pack your seasonal clothes and the items that you use once in a while. In this way you won’t face any kind of problem during the final move. Put these items in removal boxes.
  • Book Professional Movers in Advance: If you think of hiring professional movers, book them in advance. But before that make the lists of the best professional movers in town. Research about them properly. Read the customer reviews, know their pros and cons and know how much they charge. Accordingly, choose the best one for you. Also, before booking them ask them the questions that are there in your mind, clear all your doubts and then sign the contract. If you get the right company, your experience will be great.
  • Keep The Essential Items Handy: It is necessary to pack your things in advance to make the process of shifting easy. But keep certain items handy the day before you move to the new place. Items such as toothbrush and paste, bath kit, medicines, important documents etc should be with you to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Tips for Packing

  • Use Good Quality Cardboard Boxes: Use cardboard boxes that are strong, sturdy, robust and durable. It will be better if you use eco-friendly cardboard removal boxes. Also use the correct size of boxes by looking at the size of the items to be packed.

cardboard removal boxes

  • Fill Up The Empty Spaces in The Boxes: In order to protect your items from damage, fill up the empty spaces inside the boxes for moving house. Use foam sheets, edge guards, papers etc to fill up the empty spaces. This keeps the removal boxes balanced and your items protected.

boxes for moving house

  • Label Your Boxes with The Name of The Items or Rooms: Use stickers and markers to label your boxes, either write the name of the items inside it or write the name of the rooms in which they are to be placed. Use red markers to label the removal boxes containing delicate, luxurious and expensive items. Also do not forget to number each of the cardboard removal boxes. It will make your shifting easy and comfortable.
  • Use Strong Tapes to Seal The Cardboard Boxes: It is an essential step you need to follow while packing your items. If you do not want your items to fall out of the boxes and get damaged, use a strong tape to seal the cardboard removal boxes. This will keep the items safe and protected. Also, it will help in not creating an unnecessary mess.

Moving Boxes UK

  • Keep The Bulky Items at The Bottom and The Lightweight Items at The Top: In order to properly arrange everything inside the box, put the heavy and large items at the bottom. And then put the items that are small and lightweight. Do not mix up the items of different rooms. Use different boxes for different rooms. While loading in the truck, make sure that the movers are keeping the boxes carrying the heavy items first and then the boxes with lightweight items.

Summing Up

Shifting to a new place is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of planning and preparation. You have to prepare months before the actual shifting takes place. So it’s better if you start collecting packaging materials like cardboard removal boxes, wardrobe storage boxes, foam sheets, protective edge guards, bubble wraps and so on beforehand.

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