Top 10 Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

Top 10 Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift wrapping is something every one of us does often to present our caring gifts to loved ones on certain occasions like birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter or Halloween. Different kinds and designs of gift wrapping ideas are preferred for each type of occasion making your gifts look in theme with the specific occasions or events they are to be presented on.

Environmentally responsible people prefer Eco-Friendly Cake Boxes wrapped with Eco-Friendly gift wraps to have the least negative impact on the environment while providing all the gift wrapping benefits at the same time. If you have gotten your hands on an ecofriendly box for your cake packaging, here are some efficient ways you can use to gift wrap your gifts enclosed in those boxes:

1: Reusing Gift Wraps

Reusing already used gift wraps will not require any new resources to be used up while manufacturing.
them because you will be using something that has already been manufactured. This can be anything from a colourful box wrap to a plain paper wrap that can be given certain embellishments to make the whole thing look good and feel great.

2: Cloth Wraps

This one may not be a crowd-pleaser but when it comes to eco-friendly gift wrapping, clothes are always available.
when you have some colourful attractive ones, they can be used as efficient gift wraps with some ribbons or other embellishments. Don’t use too dull or plain cloth wraps, go for style and fast colours as they present your gifts in a meaningful way.

3: Brown Bags

Who says brown bags are only for supermarkets to sell their products in, get plain brown bags.
draw your favourite art on them using a permanent marker and finish the whole thing off by tying up a beautiful knot of contrasting coloured ribbon running across the whole front portion of the wrapped gift box.

4: Brown Paper Taken from Cut-Up Brown Bags

When you want to get creative with your gift wrapping, a great idea is to use old brown bags and cut them up in a plain brown paper shape.
you can use more than one when required as well. Use fancy ribbons, stickers, greeting cards or any other ornaments to dress this rather plain-looking eco-friendly gift wrap up beautifully.

5: Tape Embellishments on Plain Paper

When you have thick and luxury feel white or any other plain coloured paper available to you.
it can efficiently be used as a beautiful and elegant gift wrapping idea. Get colourful sticker tape from the market and run it in beautiful patterns along.
The surface of the white paper or another plain paper-wrapped gift box. When you have wide tape, run the tape along the longer side of the box about an inch below the top.
do the same for one of the width sides making the tape cross around a corner.

6: Using Children’s Artwork Pieces

Children are always busy drawing art on large pieces of thick durable paper.
you can use that as a surprise gift wraps for all your fancy gifts. The already colourful paper can be tied up using ribbons or other embellishments basically using otherwise waste materials for good usage.

7: Homemade Labels for Bottles and Containers

When you are gifting candles, cosmetics or makeup items packed in bottles or other containers.
A great wrapping idea is to use homemade labels for them in large full wrap styles. Plain white paper with hand-drawn labels and glue on the back side can work great.

8: Newspaper Wraps

This one probably dates back as long as anyone can remember. Get a large enough newspaper and place your box in the middle of it, wrap all the paper nicely and finish.
it off using a nice colourful ribbon on top giving it a nice elegant look.

9: Eco-Friendly Paper Wraps

The other great eco-friendly gift wrapping option involves the use of standard eco-friendly paper. This paper looks a bit dull but you can charm it up using stickers, labels, greeting cards, ribbons or any other preferred embellishments.

10: Winter Blanket Wrapping

If you are presenting a gift in the winter season.
it is a large winter special item like snow shoes or an ice hockey helmet,
you can wrap them up in your thrown-away blankets. Just cut a large enough piece of furry blanket.
tie beautiful ribbons on its top after having wrapped the gift box in.

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