Top 5 Mind Games to Improve Your Logical Thinking

Thinking skills are the ones that everyone wants to enhance these days. The immense societal and work pressure has an adverse impact on the overall thinking ability. Significantly, urban life has made things worse, and now alienation, isolation, and cold societal relations have led the people into a deep trauma that apparently seems unrecoverable. However, it could  recovere, as all you would need is to develop cognitive thinking skills. Previously, people used to play board games like Chess, Monopoly, and more to think beyond the set boundaries.

Now, the time has completely changed, and the evolutionary process of human intellect and technology has introduced new and advanced ways to improve thinking skills. Playing online games is one of those elements that is contributing a lot in this regard. Whether working on your office desk or relaxing on your comfy couch, playing games is quite an easy option. Smartphones have further accelerated the process, and now the availability of puzzle and mind games can help you in developing skills that might be previously unknown to you. Let’s look at the top 5 mind games to improve Your logical thinking.

Brain Games: Puzzles for Adults

The mind games offered by Content Arcade Games stand at the top of this list of games that can help you improve your logical thinking. With 5 million downloads and 4-star ratings on Google Play Store, this app surely contains something that can help you improve your cognitive abilities. The logical thinking games offered in this application allow you to test and enhance several skills, which include concentration, problem-solving, attention span, memory, and speed. If you are looking forward to sharpening your mind in terms of analyzing things logically, you should definitely try out playing the puzzle games in this application. The smooth gameplay lets you stay focused and improve your mental fitness without boring exercises.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Another top mind game to help you improve your logical thinking is offered by Unico Studio. This app involves a wide range of tricky puzzles that can help you test your mind’s logical thinking ability. By playing the smart mind games contained in this app, you can analyze the speed and responsiveness of your brain. The top-notch features of this game make it one of the top-ranking mind games on the Play Store. Training your brain shouldn’t come at a specific age, as you need to make use of the mind to tackle situations of all ages. Therefore, this game includes a wide range of fun activities that can help both kids and adults. You can enjoy playing the games in this app without internet connectivity.


While training your logical thinking skills, if you wish to understand how your mind works, you can get your hands on Lumosity: Brain Training app. This app is jam-packed with a wide range of challenges that include activities and games to improve your mental capacity to solve problems, analyze situations, and concentrate on things more efficiently. This brain training app will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brain; by playing the games it offers, you can bring improvement and make things work in your favor. This app isn’t offered just for a specific group of people, as it is also available in different languages besides English.

Elevate – Brain Training Games

If you are looking forward to finding a personalized training program to train your brain, then Elevate – Brain Training Games should be your go-to option. Elevate contains more than 40 games that can help your mind in logical thinking, processing, memory, focusing, and solving math problems. With this great application, you can train your cognitive abilities and get positive outcomes with proper reasoning. Your personalized program will help you determine the areas where your mental skills lack and where you are strong. As a result, the app will offer you the games to train your mind accordingly and improve your graph.

Memorado – Brain Games

Memorado – Brain Games work on a simple model, i.e., to make your brain stronger to lead you to a better life. This application contains 14 games with 420 different levels to improve several mental abilities, including logic, reaction, concentration, memory, and mathematical skills. Besides using brain games to train your mind, you can also use this app to get rid of stress. It is an additional feature of this app, as your mind can only get trained if it is relaxed, and the meditation audio sessions given in it can help you achieve satisfaction. The extraordinary graphics of this app make things quite more interesting for all the players. The gameplay is quite easy to understand; you won’t feel frustrated after accessing and playing the brain games offered by Memorado.


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