Top Common Problems Leading To Leakage In The AC

During the sweltering summer months, an air conditioner is a vital necessity. We never get our air conditioner serviced or maintained since we don’t consider it necessary as long as it works properly. This can lead to AC components malfunctioning, the most typical of which being water leaking from the AC. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent causes of air conditioner leaks.

What are the reasons that your AC leak?

If water is flowing from the main unit, your air conditioner isn’t operating properly and is causing water damage. The emergence of such an issue can be due to a variety of factors. Let’s have a look at a few:

1.       Blockage of the drainage pipe

Dust and other particles can clog the drain pipe of your ac unit, causing the drain to become ineffective. It will prevent condensate from draining out of the unit. There is a risk of water entering the central air conditioner if the water flow cannot be stopped. This can cause your air conditioner to leak water. Your air conditioner should be cleaned on a routine basis.

2.       Poor maintenance

Your air conditioner, like any other device in your house, has to be serviced on a regular basis. Make care to thoroughly clean the appliance as often as possible. If you need assistance, seek it. Inspect the evaporator coil to see whether it’s operating correctly and to make sure it hasn’t started to corrode. If you don’t maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis, water leaks from the unit can become more common.

3.       Rusting of the drainage pan

Rusting is an unavoidable consequence of every situation involving iron, since it is caused by the interaction of oxygen and water. Due to the fact that the drainage pan is constructed of metal, it rusts quite quickly. If the drain pan continues to rust, it is possible that the unit can get blocked, preventing water from draining properly. As a consequence, there will be leaks in the air conditioning system.

4.       Dirty Air Filter

When the evaporator’s air filter becomes blocked or unclean, air flow is restricted, resulting in a reduction in temperature. The coil will freeze if it gets too cold. Ice melts more quickly when the air conditioner is switched off because the inside unit is no longer sucking in air, causing the temperature to rise. If the melting ice overflows the level of the drip tray, it results to the water leakage.

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5.       Improper installation

A poorly-installed ac unit can be a significant contributor to water leaks. Check to see that the front portion of the air conditioner is colder than the back portion while it is being installed. Due to your careful attention to this point, the water will be removed effectively, preventing any leaks that may occur.

A lot of the time, leakage is caused by faulty installation. To prevent leaks, your air conditioner should be fitted at the correct angle. The device may not drain water effectively if it is positioned incorrectly.

6.       Damaged insulation

The insulation that you have on the coils is designed to keep the collected moisture moving down the coil in the correct direction. As a result, water can leak from the coil rather than flow exactly as designed if the insulation is damaged. There will be water leaking from your Air – conditioning unit and causing damage to your home or office if you don’t identify the issue soon away.

If your insulation is damaged, you’ll have to hire a specialist to fix or replace it.

7.       Low Refrigerant Level

It’s possible that the refrigerant level is too low because of a leakage if the AC isn’t cooling properly. Since the refrigerant in your ac unit is what really makes the air cool, it’s critical that you get it checked often as part of your regular maintenance. It is possible for the coils to freeze, resulting in the drainage pan overflowing, if the refrigerant level is too low. In contrast to what some people believe, your air conditioner does not have to refilled until there is a leakage. When there is a leakage in the unit, the system is refilled.

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