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Types of Silk Kurtis That You Must Try

When it comes to Indian dresses, it comes in so many varieties that sometimes we find it difficult regarding which one to choose and which one to leave. Indian dresses are versatile and sustainable. You can wear it on different occasions and repeat it as many times as you can. It has its own charm and uniqueness. Therefore, it has been recognised all over the world. Out of all the Indian dresses, Indian designer suits are more versatile. They come in different styles and designs and most importantly they are of different fabrics.

If we talk about salwar kameez, it is of different types. Some of the most famous salwar kameez are churidar suits, Anarkali suits, sharara suits and palazzo suits. These days these suits also come under the category of fusion wear. Which means these dresses consist of the mixture of western style and the Indian style. You can get different designs of salwar kameez online as well.

Like A Diva is an online store where you will get different designs and fabrics of Indian dresses. If you order any of these Indian dresses online from this store, they will get it delivered to your doorsteps safely.

In this article we are going to look at the types of silk kurtis that you can try for different occasions.

So Let Us Have A Look At The Different Types of Silk Kurtis That You Should Definitely Try at Least Once in Your Lifetime.

Banarasi Silk Kurti

As the name suggests, Banarasi silk has originated from the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. This fabric is mostly used for weaving sarees which are famously known as Banarasi silk sarees. But these days different dresses are made from these fabrics. Kurtis are one such Indian dresses that are made up of these fabrics. Banarasi silk has also been mentioned in the Mahabharata and also in the Buddhist scriptures. In ancient India, members of the royal families (both male and female) used to wear rich and highly embellished and intricately designed dresses made up of Banarasi silk fabric. Today it is worn by everybody. Since Banarasi silk sarees are heavy and mostly worn by brides during weddings, kurtis are made up of this fabric so that women find it easy and comfortable to wear on different occasions. They come in different motifs and patterns.

Salwar Kameez

Chanderi Silk Kurti

Chanderi silk fabric is one of the unique silk fabrics and Indian designer suits in this fabric look amazing and alluring. It gives you a mesmerising and ravishing look. Chanderi silk fabric is famously known for its glossiness and sheer texture. It is also famous for its both traditional and modern motifs. The traditional motifs include fruits, flowers, coins, peacocks and so on. The modern motifs include geometric patterns. All these motifs are designed and handwoven on the chanderi silk fabric. This fabric comes in different hues of bright and pastel colours. Just imagine how elegant you will look in a chanderi silk kurti having beautiful motifs and colours! You should definitely add a chanderi silk kurti to your wardrobe.

Khadi Silk Kurti

Khadi has a glorious connection with the Indian freedom struggle and Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, when we hear the word ‘khadi’, the image of Gandhi Ji spinning the charkha wheel comes to our mind. This fabric is handwoven and is on trend in the fashion world. Khadi silk fabric is a mixture of cotton and silk raw materials. This fabric is lightweight and is versatile in nature. Since it is lightweight, people find it comfortable to wear on different occasions. To make it more comfortable for women, khadi silk kurtis are encouraged more. These Indian designer suits are designed in such a way that you can wear them casually as well as to a party. Speaking about the appearance, khadi silk looks luxurious, which means, if you are wearing a khadi silk kurti, you are definitely getting a royal and elegant look.

Cotton Silk Kurti

Just as the khadi silk fabric, cotton silk fabric is also a hybrid fabric. This means this fabric is a mixture of both cotton and silk. It is lightweight and comfy in nature. The kurti of this fabric is not only easy to carry without any hassle, but it also ensures easy maintenance. If you wear a kurti of this fabric, it gives you a simple but sophisticated look. The kurti of this fabric is versatile and you can wear them for different festivals and occasions.

Summing Up

These days, with the rise of ecommerce businesses and advanced technology, it has become easier to find Indian dresses online. You will find many Indian dresses such as sarees, Indian designer suits, Anarkali suits and different types of salwar kameez online. So, if you want to buy a silk kurti by sitting at home, without much effort and hardwork, you should definitely visit different websites that are providing good quality dresses and fabrics at a good price.

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