Warning Tape
Warning Tape

Use Warning Tapes to protect your underground lines 24×7.

Warning In the gas, water, sewage, telecommunications, and electrical industries, tape is used for detecting subsurface utility lines, locating those lines, identifying them, and protecting them from damage. The size of the underground utility line as well as the depth at which it is buried often serve as the determining factors for the width of such tapes.

Warning tape may be used at any time of day or year and does not need any sort of energy to function, including electricity or any other kind. Warning tape has the impact of a “stop sign,” making it very apparent to whomever is digging at the site even if it is not inductively found during excavation. This is the case even if the tape itself is not discovered.

Size Specifications for Various Types of Caution Tapes

Underground caution tapes are often make available for purchase from vendors of warning tape in the following dimensions:

Width: 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 inches.

Length: 100 metres

Thickness: 0.50 millimetres

Warning tapes are manufacture using clear virgin polypropylene film. This film is then reverse printed and laminated to a solid aluminium foil or foldable rod core or, and then further laminated to a design for maximum visibility. Warning tapes meet the prescribed Color-Code standard for the identification of buried utilities.

Principal Categories of Caution Tapes

The use of either of the following two criteria is all that is required to differentiate one set of warning tapes from another:

Classification of These Tapes According to Their Characteristics

Type of Warning tapes Warning
White Warning tape Proposed excavation
Red Warning tape Cables, electric power lines, conduit
Pink Warning tape Temporary survey markings
Orange Warning tape Communication, signal lines conduit, alarm
Yellow Warning tape Steam, petroleum, gas, oil, gaseous substances
Purple Warning tape Reclaimed water, slurry lines, irrigation
Blue Warning tape Potable water
Green Warning tape Drain lines and sewers


Those that provide or manufacture warning tapes typically supply or manufacture warning tapes of two distinct varieties, namely the following:

  • Detectable Caution Tape
  • Non Detectable Warning tape

Detectable Warning Tape

Warning tape of this kind is often place across lines that would be invisible to someone standing on the ground otherwise. Short version: Detectable Warning tapes are apply over lines that aren’t metallic in their composition. The metallic quality of these tapes is impart during the manufacturing process in the form of metallic wire or metallic foil, depending on the particular kind of tape. The digger is make aware of the existence of such tape and, by extension, the presence of a subsurface line thanks to this metal.

Non-Detectable Warning Tape

A Caution Tape of this kind is place across lines that, in the absence of the tape, are visible from the ground. In a nutshell, Detectable Caution Tape are apply over lines that are metallic in composition and are capable of being readily identify by the digger on the ground.

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