Braided Wigs

What Are The Things You Should Know About Braided Wigs?

People know variety is the spice of life. When it comes to hairstyles, the selection of designs is very different and not easier. You know very well how the likes of kylie Jenner boost as she changes her hairstyle from blonde bob to long pastel pink overnight. This is one of the examples where you can see the importance of braided wigs and how they will help change your look instantly. Therefore you should consider choosing a braided wig to get an instantly attractive look. 

For many decades, wigs and weaves have become popular, and you don’t need any celebrity status for long or short hair to switch constantly to new and fresh looks. However, wigs have grown at a rocket pace in the last few years and become more affordable, realistic looking, or, you can say, more natural. 

How Many Wigs And Weaves Can You Select? 

There are various types of wigs and weaves you can consider buying. The most popular is the frontal lace wig, lace closure wig, and the natural swe-in, which have the different option of flip over and a c-part. 

Your stylist may recommend a Peruvian velvet straight, Peruvian, Mongolian exotic curly, and Peruvian bombshell blonde hair. All these hairstyles are in bundles and have matching lace with lace frontals and closures. 

How Do You Distinguish Between Lace Frontal Wigs And Weaves, Partial Sew-In, And Flip-Over Vixen?

When most hair is braided apart from a small section and a top of the head to cover, weave tracks and create a parting.  

This is one of the best options if you have a natural look and your hairline and scalp look visible. You must properly care for your teeth when selecting this type of weave because the left one could break if you do not care properly. 

Flip Over Vixen:

These may apply to make two to four sections rather than braiding all of your hair into one beehive pattern. In this, your hair will be left around from the edges and down the middle of the hair, providing you versatile designs as you can wear your hair in french braids, half up and down, etc. So, you should consider braid wig and weaves for various instant styles. 

Lace Frontal Wig/Weave:

A lace frontal is the best for recreating the entire front hairline, moving around your head from ear to ear. If you suffer from hair loss from edges, you might consider selecting a frontal wig to help recreate your hairline and fill the edges, so your teeth look good again. Moreover, wearing a frontal and getting pulled back can help you look great, and this style is called a protective style because, in this style, none of your natural hair is left out. 

Lace Wig And Weave:

A closure is typically 16 square inches which covers the sewn area and gives a natural hairline and scalp area. Frontal can be used to create a wig or weave, and this one is also a protective style.

How Much Time Does The Weave Take To Apply? 

You may need three hours to get weaves varied on the style you are getting and the texture of your hair. 

Moreover, getting a wig involves the same process of braiding as weaves. Still, the application part is slightly different and quicker than sewing the hair individually into your braids. You can apply the wig directly and use adhesive for lacing your scalp. Also, you can choose a frontal wig, which doesn’t require any adhesive to lace the scalp. This may reduce the styling time and give easy excess like you need to pop the wig in your head. 


The excellent quality wig looks like natural hair and gives it a feel. Moreover, good quality hair includes easy to handle. It gives you the option of washing and heating the same as your natural hair, and your wig will last for long years. So, if you have a hair loss problem or need a unique look, you should consider buying a braided big.  

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