What Do You Need to Know about Fedora Hats for Women?

The fedora hats became popular at the hands of Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, and many other gentlemen. But do you know that the popularity of the fedoras hats was expanded with women?

In 1882, Victorien Sardou, a French author, created a play named ‘Fedora’, which was based on the fictional character Fedora Romazov, which was portrayed by Sarah Bernhardt. In 1889, when the play came to the United States, Bernhardt wore a soft-brimmed hat that featured a center crease.

Once the audiences noticed this great piece of headgear, they named the hat as fedora hat and it started gaining rapid popularity among both men and women.

Basics of the Fedora Hats 

Originally, fedora hats were made of wool felt or fur felt. The fedora hats are available in various fabrications such as synthetic and natural materials. Even though the modern fedora hats are quite different from one another, the basic elements of the fedora hats haven’t gone through extreme changes since their first introduction. The fedora hats always feature an intended crown and a flexible brim as well as a center crease that is pinched on both sides of the hats.

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Some people think that the modern fedora hats are not effective at boosting the fashion statement. This is a misconception. Not to mention, many people confuse the fedoras hats with the trilby hats.

Unlike the trilby hats that feature a narrow brim that won’t protect your face from the harsh sunlight, the fedora hats come with medium or wide brims that will protect your face and eyes from outdoor elements while also boosting the fashion sense. You need to know the differences between the trilby and fedora hats properly so that you don’t make mistakes while purchasing them.

Different Maintenance and Materials 

As fedora hats are made of man-made and natural materials, you will always find women’s fedora hats for every season. Wool felt fedora hats are one of the most popular hats for women. They are perfect for winter nights. Even though wool is durable, it is also delicate. As per Textile School, wool absorbs moisture. You need to take proper care and maintenance of the wool felt fedora hats so that you can use them for a long time.

On the other hand, the straw-felt fedora hats are perfect for the summer months. However, keep in mind that there are different types of straw available in the market. Hence, you need to read the hat label so that you can know which straw has been used to craft the fedora hats. Despite the type of straw, you need to clean the straw fedora hats very carefully.

Apart from straw and wool, fedora hats for women also come in other types of fabrics such as hemp, tweed, leather, and chenille. Make sure you pay close attention to the materials of the hats so that you can know how and when to wear them.

Different Types of Brims 

This is one of the most important factors you should consider while purchasing women’s fedora hats. There are different types of brims available for the fedora hats. You need to choose something relevant to your need. The brim you choose will determine the sun protection of the fedora hats.

Wide Brim Fedora Hats

This is one of the most popular fedora hats you can find. The fedora hats that feature wide brim are extremely capable of protecting your eyes, face, neck, and shoulder from the harmful UV rays of the sun. These brims of the fedora hats are more than 4 inches longer. They are also perfect for any face shape. As the width of the brim is long, the hats can be snapped down or up easily. The wide brim fedora hats are perfect for informal events and beach parties.

Short Brim Fedora Hats 

This is another popular version of the fedora hats you can purchase. However, you need to be careful while buying the short brim fedora hats. The brim size of the fedora hats should not be smaller than 1 ½ inch. Anything smaller will become trilby hats. The short brim fedora hats are great for informal occasions. Even if you want to wear the short brim fedora hats for formal occasions, you need to ensure your dress code is relevant.

Floppy Fedora Hats 

Do you think you need to wear an outfit that is not capable of handling the structured brim? You need to choose the floppy fedora hats for women. Don’t assume that these hats are not capable of boosting your fashion statement. The floppy fedora hats for women are more eye-catching than the traditional fedora hats. They also feature a wide brim that can be dressed down or up.


This is what you need to know about fedora hats for women. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below.


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