What exactly is an Air Curtain?

Air curtain are a piece of equipment that can effectively create a barrier between two different areas without the requirement to have a solid wall between them. The air stream that is release through the device when the door is open does not hinder movement. It’s a tried and tested method to regulate the temperature in rooms, particularly those that have an HVAC system.

They’re durable and efficient. In addition to being a crucial alternative for your business, They can also save you massive amounts of money, and around 20% energy savings in the annual consumption of energy.

In the end, they may cost you nothing as they can reduce the load on your building’s cooling system. Additionally , they can help you save a lot of space because they’re place on the highest point on the entranceway.

What is an air curtain function?

Industrial air curtain are an invisible air barrier to block out and create suitable conditions that keep cool air in the workspace, and keep unwanted air, pests, and other contaminants out. They can also be place on top of a door opening, just above the head. Air from the surrounding area is pull through the front entrance barbecue and then into fans’ baskets.

The blower wheel enables the air to create cutting-edge chambers, encapsulating the air, and forcing it to flow via the release valve. Completely undetectable air safety is created that acts as the space between the two walls, preventing fresh air from entering the building and blocking outside air from getting in regardless of where there isn’t a primary door to enter.

Where are door air curtains employed?

These Curtains help keep customers in a comfortable environment while saving energy and preventing pests and debris from getting outside. Installation of curtains in industrial and commercial locations like hospitals, restaurants factories, stores malls, and other locations is the best choice you can make for combating these issues.

These curtains are position over the entrance area to form a sturdy air seal that keeps cool air inside the structure and debris and dirt out. The curtains are properly place and effective.

Air Curtain Manufacturers can help your business save a significant chunk of cash, due to significantly reducing the amount of intensity lost by open entranceways.

What are the benefits of using a door curtain?

Boosts Customer’s Comfort

Making sure that customers are happy is essential for all restaurants and even businesses. A cold, chilly environment could turn off customers and could affect the performance of your employees. When it is cold, the curtains can disrupt the natural convection effects of warm air escaping from an open doorway to be replace by cold air. On both cold and hot days, curtains can keep customers near the entrance, or waiting for tables and enjoying a pleasant environment, free of smoke. A combination of these curtains, an inviting climate, and a well-planned inside design could draw customers and keep them in for a longer period. It will be a good  investment that can not only lower your expenses but also improve your profit.

Energy Cost Cutting

A welcoming entrance is welcome to customers, but it also attracts harmful airborne viruses. Traditional warming systems in restaurants can be very wasteful, particularly in big establishments with wide entranceways. They are an invisible barrier that hinders the inflow of outside air and also restricts the flow of air inside, thereby reducing interior temperatures in the bar, dining room, or walk-in coolers. This results in fewer miles on your cooling or warming framework and helps you avoid the burden of unnecessary heating bills. It can increase the money you invest in warming by working in conjunction with using existing heating systems and reducing the loss of heat.

Enhances the functionality of Heating or Cooling Systems

By utilising a well-designed curtain, heat loss through cafe entranceways decreases. Once the loss of heat is reduce in the present heating system, it could have an enormous amount of excess strain that is no need. This could result in lower usage and increase the usefulness and longevity of your heating system. A similar effect is seen with cooling systems in the summertime.

Healthy & Clean Environment

These curtains can create a safe and clean environment inside the cafe by blocking out the spread of flying insects and other harmful substances such as dust, residue, and exhaust from traffic. They’re made to form a strong seal by circulating the air of the facility with a smooth flow over an open area which makes it difficult for outside air to enter their curtains.

Maintain Employee Productivity

Friendly workers are happy representatives who never quit. The curtains help keep the kitchen, administration area, and back-of-the-house areas free of smoke and dirt. A curtain that lets warm airflow from the base and up to the top, keeping the temperature of your restaurant at a minimum. It eliminates the exchange of cold and warm air, thus preventing the draft. Through the mid-year period, it circulates cool air into your business structure, blocks hot air, and maintains a comfortable temperature. It helps employees be more productive and decreases absences.

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