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Which HubSpot default Custom Objects are Best?

Almost everybody is aware of default objects which are common in every CRM (customer relationship management). These objects are generally named contacts, companies, deals, and tickets. In HubSpot, users will get products and calls as default objects and these default objects may be limited but custom objects don’t have any type of limitations. Users are free to create any custom objects according to the requirement of their business. In custom objects, users have to define the properties and relationships between standard and custom objects HubSpot. 

You might be thinking, why do users create custom objects in HubSpot? The main purpose of creating the custom object is to rearrange data in HubSpot CRM to get better access and understanding. It is compulsory to add useful information to the contact and marketers can also use this saved data in objects to make necessary changes for the marketing campaigns.

Top Custom Objects HubSpot

These are the top custom objects of HubSpot and you need here to know everything about these objects in detail. Here is a brief view for the users about custom objects and how they are helpful.

For instance, if marketers have an idea about the name, designation, company, email buying channels, and other information about the contact, then they can better create a strategy to approach them accordingly. It is quite important to get the necessary information to get read to contact the lead accordingly. Do you want to know about the top Custom Objects HubSpot in detail? Read this discussion till the end to understand everything perfectly.


1.    Feedback Custom Object

The stage of feedback will come when the order has been placed and shipped successfully to the customer. We all know the importance of feedback and they help us to improve products and services. Good feedback also encourages buyers to buy products of your business. It will ultimately create your trust in customers and they recommend others. In custom objects, feedback will help you to understand the satisfaction level of a buyer and it will perfectly allow organizations to maintain their product standard in a better way. The beauty of this custom object is that it is a perfect solution for any type and size of business.

2.    Subscription Custom Object

Subscription detail is yet another custom object in which the sales cycle is fixed for the subscribed user and it will also give more information to share like the type of subscription, duration, payment mode, a reminder for subscription renewal, and many others. Users will get the complete information in one place by creating the right custom objects. Numerous businesses find this solution useful and accurate and they recommended other business professionals as well.

3.    Reference Partner Custom Object

If a lead came from outside the digital circle, in HubSpot there is a field in the properties to highlight that lead. If someone has recommended the lead to your business verbally and you forget the source who recommended it can be highlighted perfectly. All those leads that came to your business from an unknown source will be listed in a way to remind you of everything. Users can better analyze them more than they usually do. You are free to run a referral program successfully in HubSpot without getting help from a third-party tool.

4.    eCommerce Custom Objects

You can also run a small e-commerce business on HubSpot with the help of Snipcart and Shopify. They offer an easy setup for the management of e-commerce features on your HubSpot website. All you need here is to integrate HubSpot with these tools we mentioned above to have a running eCommerce store. Users need to add the properties to the contacts so they can track the shipping and delivery at the back end. Undoubtedly, it is a decent solution but using custom objects is better.

Final Wordings

We can all agree that every business established worldwide has its unique way and finding the best solution to improve its efficiency is also important. HubSpot custom objects are best and suitable for every type and size of business to improve efficiency. Feel free to get in touch with HubSpot professionals and they will give you this solution. These professionals will also guide your team about its use. Overall, it is a perfect solution that will improve the efficiency of the business for better output results. 


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