Which One is better for Working Class – Comedy or Cartoon?


Do you like cartoons or comedy? Which one is better: comedy or cartoon for the working class? In this blog our experts at Make Assignment Help will clear this confusion for you in detail.



Many of us like to watch and / or read comedy, but most of us don’t know what it actually is. Comedy is used for two purposes, one for literature and another for entertainment. Though comedy in literary drama too makes us entertained but the way of representation is different. Throughout comedy laughter can be produced and it takes the sense to a different level. To overcome the difficulties of life, comedy plays a significant part for our lives.

Amidst the busy schedule of life, comedy gives us a way of spending a better time surrounded by amazing things so that we can forget the experience of this monotonous life for a certain period of time. Comedy is used as a recovering agent of difficulties. In the sixteenth century, dramas became very famous and it reached its zenith. And it was possible only for the famous dramatists who rewarded us with such beautiful drama especially comedy.

For the common people or the working class, comedy plays an important role. After attending the busy schedule of the office, they like to spend time doing something that will help them to ease their tension, depression and pressure of office. Seeing comedy movies or reading dramas that are based on comedy can help them to forget their difficulties. Also helping them to rejuvenate to the work properly the very next day.


On the contrary, cartoons are a form of expression which easily conveys a lot of things and gives us information in very few words. At present we can see cartoons in newspapers too. Though digital media has given us many new features, the importance of cartoons has not decreased any more. It is basically a part of a virtual medium which engages the audience and helps them understand the particular country’s social, political conditions in a mocking way. In political cartoons characters are designed based on famous political personalities so that people can easily relate with it. It adds humor with the theme that impels the audience to laugh. The main feature of cartoons is that it gives an ever lasting impact on the audience’s mind. They communicate with people in such a way that in a few lines they explain an important event easily. In these few lines, a lot of things remain hidden. It helps to increase the audience’s humor. No doubt it is very helpful for the readers.

According to our assignment help experts an ideal cartoon is one that conceals more than revealing information. As a result whenever a person reads or sees a cartoon on a particular topic at different times, he or she will get different meanings. These aspects make more tempting


Cartoon and comedy both need humor to understand it. In a popular survey it was observed that many people prefer to watch cartoons instead of comedy and they use it as a way to spend their leisure time. On the other hand there are various comedy movies and dramas are also available to the masses. There are many people who have the habit of reading, & they prefer to read dramas and there are various comedy shows available in television and social networking platforms. Each mode has its own targeted audience.  It basically the choice of one, & depends on the people what they prefer the most. Everyone has their own taste. So, it is really very awkward as well as difficult to say which one is better cartoon or comedy.


We hope the above piece of writing has given you necessary comparison regarding each way of time spending. We can’t avoid importance of these shows in our life. Both are useful and entertain us in their unique way & incomparable to some extent. Both burns the stress & pain of the tensed mind. If you have any doubt or want to contact experts at MakeAssignmentHelp a premium platform for various academic writing services service, you can log on to our official website & get premium services

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