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White Discharge Before Period: What Can It Be?

Vaginal or white discharge, also called cervical mucus, comes in many different forms and affects all women. Vaginal discharge helps keep the vagina clean and protects it from any infection.

The white discharge is also known as egg white mucus as its appearance is thin, stretchy, and slippery in texture. Often, you will experience white, odourless discharge.

However, if this white discharge changes its colour, amount or consistency a week before your period, it can get you into a slightly confusing situation.

By white discharge, you can also get an indication of pregnancy by determining what stage you are in regarding your menstrual cycle. Therefore, monitoring your discharge can be helpful to know if you are looking to get pregnant.

Reasons Why You Might Be Having White Discharge

Keep reading on further to discover more about changes in discharge throughout the menstrual cycle and why white discharge might appear before your period.

  • Menstrual cycle

Experiencing white discharge before your menstrual cycle is normal, and you can expect it. White discharge happens due to hormonal changes, specifically the increased production of progesterone, mainly composed of leukocytes. So when the amount of progesterone increases in the blood, it releases discharge.

Usually, white discharge that occurs due to your cycle is normal as it is not linked to any signs or symptoms. Thus, you do not require treatment for this reason.

  • Yeast infection

A yeast infection, also called candidiasis, is an infection caused due to fungi already present in the vagina, which causes the white discharge. White discharge seen before the period can also signify yeast infections. Discharge seen due to a yeast infection is usually thick and whitish. You may also experience itchiness, burning, and redness in the genital area and discharge.

Visit your lady doctor to get your yeast infection treated. They may recommend using an antifungal medication, such as fluconazole and miconazole. They may also prescribe some medicines, which can be taken as pills, ointments, or vaginal suppositories, to be used as prescribed. Probiotics supplements from are a real savior in such condition.

  • Colpitis

Colpitis is when inflammation occurs in the vagina and cervix due to bacteria, fungi, or protozoans. White discharge before menstruation might be a sign of colpitis. Look out for other things in the discharge, like an unpleasant smell that worsens after sexual intercourse, swelling in the genital area, and small white or red spots in the vaginal mucosa and cervix. We advise you to get it examined by a lady doctor. Usually, they treat it with antimicrobial medication in creams, ointments, or oral pills.

  • Pregnancy

In a few cases, if you’re experiencing white discharge before menstruation, it can also mean that you are pregnant. If this is the case, your discharge will be thicker than usual. Also, it is advisable to pay attention to other pregnancy signs and symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, a late period, and cramps.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend you get a home pregnancy test and visit a lady doctor to confirm the pregnancy.

Final Word

Hence, experiencing white discharge before periods is common, and you do not need to worry. It indicates that you have a normal reproductive system functioning unless you experience something unusual.

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