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Mexican singer Yrma Lida was shot dead by her partner. Yarma was only 21 at the time of her death and started her business in the music business. The news broke when his old accomplice Yrma shot him in the loft on Thursday night. The police finally caught his old accomplice Yrma and took him into their custody. According to multiple sources, his accomplice Yarma also attempted to pay the police officers, and his security officer was also caught in the situation, police are currently investigating the situation.

Tell us in detail why old comrade Yrma shot her, and for what reason she was with him, there was some talk. According to sources, the elder who shot Yarma was his spouse. The Mon man who is currently 79 years old is Yarma’s spouse. Neighborhood experts said the incident occurred in a Mexican city on Thursday and was tracked down on Friday.

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Yrma Lydia Edad Esposo Restaurant

Yarma, who had recently started her career in the music business, was very young and only 21 years old. The girl had a deep love for music and was also a good artist. The woman is believed to have been shot at the Suntory del Valle cafe, which is south of the city. Yrma went after her old spouse and was later eventually shot dead by her significant other whose husband’s name is Jesus Hernández Alcoser. Mr. Omar García Harfuch, the secretary of the southern Mexican city, said that the elderly man, Alcosar, was joined by another woman and that the two actors were hoping to kill Yrma. People who witnessed the shooting said that the silver-haired man, who was Yrma’s spouse, had reconciled with Yrma and after the altercation, Alcosar shot and killed Yrma several times.

Yrma Lydia Edad Esposo Restaurant Incident Explained

Individuals didn’t know who the older man was to the young woman, finding that it was her significant other. Alcosar also tried to pay the police auditor who was trying to apprehend him, and the security officer was also caught by the police as he did not take any action. According to a section of sources, Alcosar was previously involved in some coercion. And Yrma was participating in musical rivalry to be considered a singer. She also participated in various competitions in Mexico and the United States. According to records and reports in the new year, orientation cruelty violations and orientation trends are expanding in the country to such an extent that at least 10 murder cases are being registered continuously, and women are also being killed. Due to cruelty or indecent behavior in the house.

Who killed Yrma Lydia?

Fresh insights about Yrma spread across the country and people are in shock as someone with protection and exclusivity is dead. The leader of the nation, Mr. Andres Manuel López Obrador, investigated the increasing number of murders of women. And the increasing number of murders in Mexican urban communities. While people are addressing Lopez, on the other hand. Lopez is doing his part to control the cruelty in the country. He does not believe in any weapon other than hugging. According to news reports, he has started some projects.

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