How does mewing-change your face?

Mewing, a technique to shape your jawline and face, has become very popular over social media sites nowadays. That’s why people are interested to know whether there’s any truth behind those mewing before and after images that have struck the internet or not. Moreover, people also want to know how it works. This article is to help clear the ambiguity among people regarding whether to start mewing or not, and it also mentions the ways mewing can change one’s face.

How does mewing change your face?

Before knowing that how mewing changes the face, one must know what it is and how to do it. Because the ways mewing can change the face will be clearer this way. 

Mewing is an exercise that is done to reshape the jawline and the face. People who practice mewing believe that it shapes face structures. They also believe that it’s effective for treating issues like sleep apnea and breathing.

What is mewing and how to do it?

Here’s how you do mewing:

  1. First, close your lips.
  2. Now, you need to move your jaw in such a way that your front bottom teeth are just a little bit behind your front upper teeth.
  3. Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Or simply put, you need to cover the roof of your mouth with your tongue.
  4. Now, without touching, you have to place the tip of your tongue right behind your front teeth.

NOTE: Most of the people who do mewing suggest that you can try to make the “ng” sound, as in “wing” or “thing”, if you find it hard to place your tongue correctly. Moreover, the steps mentioned above are the basics to do mewing and instructions can vary from one guide to the other. To know more about mewing you can follow Healthyell

Mewing: Does it work and how it changes face?

Regardless of the social media influencers claiming the benefits of mewing, there’s no such research or scientific evidence that could support mewing. Dr. John Mew created it as a technique to treat face structures related problems in children rather than doing dental surgery. Later, people started to promote mewing in adults as well. Therefore, one can’t say that a technique created to treat children could benefit adults as well.

You must have seen many mewing before and after images on social media sites. Such images leave people under the impression that mewing changes your face by giving it a perfect jawline and the improved alignment of the nose and chin. But, rationally speaking, it’s not wise to start anything that has no scientifically proven benefits.

Nevertheless, the supporters of mewing argue over social media sites that changing your tongue position positively changes your face shape. According to them, people have developed smaller jaws because of the soft foods that don’t require a lot of chewing. So, they believe that practicing mewing exercises the jaw and adjusts the position of the tongue. And hence, it creates a more aesthetically pleasing face.

How does mewing negatively change the face?

Yes, the mewing before and after images on social media sites show only the positive way mewing changes the face. Let’s take a look at the other side of the picture.

Despite people claiming the beneficial results, there are also people on social media sites who claim that mewing can also result in unwanted facial changes. One of them can be moving teeth. 

  • Moving teeth: It’s likely for mewing to cause your teeth to feel loose because you’re attempting to expand the palate of your mouth. Moreover, your teeth can also shift over time if you don’t do mewing correctly (the one in which you push your tongue against your teeth).

Not only this but there are also the following side effects of mewing:

  • Headaches: When people first start mewing, they report headaches.
  • Soreness: As improving the strength of jaws takes time, it can cause soreness which will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Psychological distress: It’s likely for one to feel stress and disappointment if one starts mewing but doesn’t succeed in reshaping one’s face.


Mewing isn’t a scientifically proven technique to reshape one’s face. And, if it goes wrong, it can alter your face negatively.

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