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Some people in this world do not need much introduction other than their name and people are mostly in awe of the achievements and talents of the celebrities. Such is the case with Larry Bird. 

Larry Bird was a famous basketball player that played for the Boston Celtics in the NBA. He has been associated with other teams and championships throughout his career in basketball. However, today in this article we are not going to discuss his achievements but, in fact, talk about Larry Bird’s wife, Janet Condra

Larry Bird has been married twice in his life and most people are well aware of his second wife Dinah Mattingly. However, his first wife, Janet Condra shared only a little time in the limelight with him. Still their love bond and story are worth sharing. 

Who is Janet Condra? 

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Janet Condra is an American lady who is famously known as the first ex-wife of Larry Bird. She was born in Indiana, United States in the 1960s and is currently in her mid 60s. However, her zodiac sign and exact birth date is not available.  

She comes from a notably wealthy and well-reputed family but married into one more famous and popular Bird Family. She married Larry Bird in 1975 and together the couple had one daughter.  

Janet Condra has been away from the limelight after getting divorce from her husband and she hardly shared any information about her life and career. The information on the internet and media only are from the period she was involved in a relationship with Larry Bird. 

Janet Condra Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight and Basic Information 

Real name / Full Name  Janet Condra 
Date Of Birth  Not Available 
Place Of Birth  Indiana, United States 
Year Of Birth  1960s 
Zodiac Sign  Not Available 
Religion  Christianity 
Ethnicity   White or Caucasian 
Nationality  American 
Profession  Not Available 
Famous For  Celebrity Spouse (Larry Bird’s Wife) 
Father’s Name  Not Available 
Mother’s Name  Not Available 
Siblings  Not Available 
Relationship Status  Single 
Marital Status  Divorced 
Husband / Spouse Name  Larry Bird (Ex-Husband) 
Children   Yes  
Children’s Name  Daughter: Corrie Bird 
Social Media Presence  No 
Height  Not Available 
Weight  Not Available 
Hair Color   Blonde 
Eye Color  Dark Brown 
Body Measurements  Not Available 
Educational Qualification  Graduate 
College Name  Spring Valley High School 

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Janet Condra Family and Educational Background 

Janet Condra had a very brief time under the speculation and inspection of media and limelight which is why very little information about her background and family is available. However, some information about her educational background is disclosed to the public. 

Janet Condra and her husband have been together since high school and they both studied at the Spring Valley High School. After getting into a relationship with Larry Bird, she married him and became a part of his family for a short time. 

Although information about her family is not available but various details about the Bird family are disclosed to the public. Janet Condra married Larry Bird and her father-in-law was Claude Joseph Bird who was a Korean War veteran. Her mother-in-law was Georgia Kerns Bird who worked between two jobs simultaneously. 

Janet Condra also had four brother-in-law and a sister-in-law whose names are Eddie Bird, Jeff Bird, Mike Bird, Mark Bird and Linda Bird Campbell. 

Larry Bird’s Wife – Janet Condra 

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Larry Bird married Janet Condra in a private wedding ceremony on November 8, 1975. The couple’s love story started at a very young age when they were just in high school. They both studied at the Spring Valley high school together and were high school sweethearts. 

Their relationship grew and they decided to marry in a private ceremony. However, their happiness and relationship were short lived and the couple separated a year after their marriage and eventually got divorced in 1976.  

The couple together gave birth to a daughter named Corrie Bird and she lived with her mother, Janet Condra, after the divorce of her parents. 

Janet Condra Career and Net Worth 

Janet Condra has been quite discreet about her personal life and professional life and not much information is available on the internet. It is obvious that she struggled quite a bit as a single mother, who single handedly handled all the engagements of her daughter, Corrie Bird. 

Information about Janet Condra’s net worth is not available on the internet. However, the net worth of her ex-husband, Larry Bird is estimated around $ 45 million which is due to his esteemed career in basketball. 


Janet Condra is an American lady who is famously known as the first wife or ex-wife of the well-known basketball player, Larry Bird. She married Larry Bird in 1975, but the couple’s relationship was cut short and they officially divorced after one year of getting married.  

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