Custom doors: 5 things to know for the ultimate results

Custom doors are a joy to install in any household. Being the home’s entrance, they can be designed to give your home a truly unique style, which, in turn, will be a truly welcoming sight for any visitors. Yes, the most stunning custom doors Melbourne has available are something that will invigorate your home, but to get the most out of your brand new design there are a few things worth noting. Remember these five imperative considerations when installing your made-to-order entrance:

  • Make sure you go with a true personalised producer

There are door dealers and manufacturers out there, both providing separate services. The dealer will only sell you what they already have available in their inventory, thus ensuring that you won’t get a personalised design to begin with and thus defeating the very purpose of seeking out such a specialised entrance way.

Manufacturers, conversely, rarely stray from their preset designs, choosing instead to build their product to set a design protocol. This is fine, but it once again means your product won’t be personalised. Ensure that you speak with your manufacturer and ask if they really make designs-to-order, and whether or not they speak with builders and other contractors to ensure they perfect your order.

  • Does the manufacturer offer top class service?

You would be well aware by now that investing in such a product comes with a slightly higher price tag. Consequently, you deserve the industry’s best service from a team who is more than willing to give you their time and advice as the process continues.

Their level of attention is usually pretty obvious from the first interaction, as you can tell if they have a true interest in your project and its stunningly successful outcome. If you can sense that the manufacturer doesn’t have a passion for their craft then you may well be on the money – if this is the sentiment then it may be a good idea to look elsewhere.

  • Does the manufacturer have plenty of experience?

A top class manufacturer should have many years of industry experience and will be happy to demonstrate that to you. Whether it’s in the form of prior images or customer testimonials, a solid, reputable manufacturer will have absolutely no trouble detailing their industry success and their ability to produce the best custom doors Melbourne has available and in a wide range of styles, too.

  • They will involve you in the process

Before signing any contracts, be sure the manufacturer will be there to involve you in the process as it continues. After all, it’s your home, and so you should be able to have your input should you change your mind regarding style, colours, material etc.

If they essentially say that they will take your initial input before going off to build without any further input then you may be dealing with a manufacturer who just wants to get the job done and dusted so that they can move onto another one (quality alert!).

  • Do they use quality materials?

There is absolutely no point investing in custom doors that comprise shoddy materials. After all, this part of the home must double as a safety barrier against intrusions and wild weather, so you want it to be made from the very best materials available. If your manufacturer is a little suss about what materials they will build with, perhaps you might be going with a shifty builder…

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